Thursday, October 23, 2014

Leviathan Leads London/Trailers for Two/Oscar Matters/News from the Future/Rudderless Reminder

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Russian Foreign Language Oscar entry and Telluride/Cannes hit "Leviathan" continues to impress as it was just named the Best Film at the recently concluded 58th British Film Institutes's London Film Festival.  The Andrey Zvyagintsev directed film was also the Best Screenplay winner at Cannes last May.  The film was a bit of a surprise as Russia's official Oscar entry as it is less than flattering in its depiction of modern day Russia.  I've linked coverage of the London win from HitFix and Variety:


Trailers were released this week for two Telluride #41 films, both of them documentaries.  Joshua Oppenheimer's follow up to "The Act of Killing": "The Look of Silence" as well as Chuck Workman's examination of the life and career of Orson Welles: "Magician".  Stories and links to the trailers are here:


The latest edition of The Film Awards Clearinghouse is going to be delayed until Monday with my apologies.  Wedding and play competition finally overwhelmed my ability to have that ready for today.  To tide you over until Monday's post I have linked Scott Feinberg's latest Feinberg Forecast from The Hollywood Reporter here:


Two projects that I am following had news this week.. The Coen Brothers added more cast members to their next project, "Hail Caesar" and Quentin Tarantino is a step closer to filming his next opus, "The Hateful Eight" just outside Telluride.  Here are stories about each announcement via The Hollywood Reporter and Tempo:


William H. Macy's Oklahoma filmed and written directing debut "Rudderless" continues its run as it expends into more markets and theaters this week as well is available on demand. Check it out.

That's all for now.  More on Monday...

Monday, October 20, 2014

Oscar Matters/Looking at Leviathan/Birdman Flying/Imitation Game Momentum/Foxcatcher Full Trailer

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Got the youngest child married last night.  Much love and congratulations to the newlyweds Kelsey and Sean Sanders who are on a plane to Jamaica this morning.


In lieu of a fresh FAC update, here' the link to the newest Movie City News Gurus of Gold update which includes its latest charts for Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress.  You'll see that MCN's charts look a lot like where the FAC has been so far this fall.

The FAC will return with a new update next week.


One of my regrets about this year's TFF was that I missed "Leviathan".  It's a film that emerged as a possible Telluride player as a result of its Cannes run last May and my interest had been piqued since then.  For my last film in T-ride I had to pick between it and The Dardennes' "Two Days, One Night".  I chose "Two Days".  Pretty sure that was a mistake.

Nevertheless, I'll be waiting for the chance to catch "Leviathan" down the road somewhere, somehow.  To whet my appetite, Sony Pictures Classics has released a trailer for the Russian nominee for Best Foreign Language Oscar consideration.  You can get to it with either of the links below:


Alejandro Inarritu's "Birdman" opened this past weekend in New York and Los Angeles and will expand this Friday to other cities.  With that, here are a couple of notes.  The Playlist excerpts an Inarritu interview with in which he talks about the nature of "superhero" films among other topics.  Look at that here:

The Wrap's Steve Pond also talked to Inarritu:

Meanwhile, HitFix posted an interview with Zach Galifinakis and Amy Ryan on their roles in the film:

And this...There is a Birdman action figure.  Fox Searchlight posted the figure on and Oscar bloggers Kristopher Tapley and Jeff Wells both posted that they had received their talking Birdman over the weekend.

Look at it here:

The "Birdman" figure...I want one.


I think that if were betting right now on the Best Picture Oscar, my money would probably go on "Birdman"  (Sasha Stone thinks I'm nuts).  I have reasons...but that's not what this segment is about.  What it is about is that Morten Tyldum's "The Imitation Game" might be the film that I'd have in second place as the possible Best Picture spoiler.  

"Imitation" came out of Telluride with a big head of steam and that continued with an audience favorite award at the Toronto Fest.  Now, Thompson on Hollywood reports that the film has picked up another Festival award from The Hamptons Film Fest.  The momentum continues...


You've seen a number of teasers, clips and etc. for Bennett Miller's brilliant "Foxcatcher".  FirstShowing reports that we now have the first full trailer for the film.  Access the story and the film here:

More on Thursday...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Between New York and Release, Birdman Gets a Lot of Attention/Rosewater Trailer

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Alejandro Inarritu's "Birdman" closed the New York Film Festival last weekend and opens in a limited release beginning tomorrow and between those two poles, the dramatic comedy is getting a lot of notice this week in the press.

For example, I have provided double coverage of the NYFF press conference for the film.  Below is a link to the video of that as well as a list to an IndieWire compilation of portions of the conference:

The entire 45 min. press conference is here:

Meanwhile, excerpts from IndieWire are here:

Additionally, the British outlet SciFiNow posted images of a series of "Birdman" promotional posters featuring U.S. landmarks.  Attendees to Fox Searchlight's party in Telluride got one of these and I'm looking at mine right now.  It is a screened and numbered print that looks as if the Birdman may be in the mountains around Telluride.  Take a look at the ten posters SciFiNow has posted here:

Finally, Variety's Janelle Reilly says that the Birdman, himself, might be the one to beat come Oscar night.  That's what I've been thinking since I walked out of The Zog in T-ride.  Here's the Variety story:


Jon Stewart's directing debut is set for Nov. 14 and we now have a new trailer.

More on Monday...after the Wedding!

Monday, October 13, 2014

New York Ends and Had Telluride Goodness: Birdman, Mr. Turner and Foxcatcher/Rudderless for Real/Post New York Feinberg

Good Monday everyone...

It's wedding week at the Patterson house as the youngest ties the knot Sunday evening.  This week will be full and  addition to the impending nuptials, I'll have parent/teacher conference nights tonight and tomorrow night plus broadcasting Tiger football on KKBS ( on Thursday evening from Deer Creek and then there's that One Act play that moves onto the State contest next week that will need some rehearsal.  Going to be a busy week.


The New York Film Festival concluded this past weekend with the presentation of "Birdman", which, for my money, is the best film of 2014 (of course I still have to see a number of films that could alter that declaration: "Whiplash", "American Sniper", "Interstellar", "Unbroken", "The Theory of Everything", "Inherent Vice", "Boyhood", "Fury" and "A Most Violent Year").  That said, because a good number of TFF #41 films played NYFF ("Birdman", " '71", "Foxcatcher", "Mr. Turner", "Tales of the Grim Sleeper" and "Two Days, One Night")  this last couple of weeks have seen a variety of features, stories and posts about those films.  Here are some of the most recent beginning with a Gold Derby look at "Birdman" and its cast:

Additionally, here's a look at an interview with "Foxcatcher" director Bennett Miller from The Hollywood Reporter:

And from NYFF itself, Mike Leigh talking about the creation of "Mr. Turner":


Counting down the days...William H. Macy's Oklahoma set and filmed "Rudderless" which I have been following for more than five years is finally unleashed this week.  Friend of the blog and "Rudderless" co-writer Casey Twenter says that the film will open Friday in Oklahoma City as well as Tulsa, New York, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Houston, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Scottsdale/Phoenix, Portland, Seattle, Philadelphia and Eugene, OR.

To continue to set the stage for the film I have linked the music video for "Hold On" from the film here:

Additionally, here's a scene from the film that's up on Yahoo Movies:

Go see it this weekend!


The Hollywood Reporters' Awards expert Scott Feinberg has updated his latest crystal ball for the Oscars.  Check his latest Feinberg Forecast that includes analysis from the just concluded New York Film Festival:

More on Thursday...probably...

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Film Awards Clearinghouse Vol. 2B/New "Birdman" Clip/More from "The Imitation Game"

Hell on a Thursday...


Today, I'm updating the Supporting and writing categories.  These latest numbers show some effect of the end of the Toronto Festival as well as the screening of "Gone Girl" at the New York Fest and its subsequent release last weekend.

As always, The FAC uses the published predictions of the following to develop its list of likely Oscar nominees:

Kristopher Tapley/InContention/HitFix
Sasha Stone/Awards Daily
Bred Brevet/Rope of Silicon
Nathaniel Rogers/Film Experience
Anne Thompson/Thompson on Hollywood
Peter Knegt/IndieWire
Clayton Davis/Awards Circuit
Scott Feinberg/The Hollywood Reporter

Telluride #41 films are Bold.
A film/person's rating in the last FAC is listed to the right in parentheses.


1) Patricia Arquette/Boyhood (1)
2) Keira Knightley/The Imitation Game (2)
3) Emma Stone/Birdman (4)
4) Laura Dern/Wild (3)
5) Meryl Streep (NR)
6) Jessica Chastain/Interstellar (7)
7) Carmen Ejogo/Selma (8)
8) Katherine Waterston/Inherent Vice (6)
9) Anna Kendrick/Into the Woods (9)
10) Kristen Stewart/Still Alice (10)

Hot: Streep who jumps into a nominees spot as the announcement came that she would be campaigned in Supporting rather than Best Actress.

Not: Emily Blunt completely drops from this list.


1) J.K. Simmons/Whiplash (1)
2) Edward Norton/Birdman (2)
3) Mark Ruffalo/Foxcatcher (3)
4) Ethan Hawke/Boyhood (4)
5) Logan Lehrman/Fury (6)
6) Tom Wilkinson/Selma (7)
7) Robert Duvall/The Judge (8)
8) Channing Tatum/Foxcatcher (9)
9) Domnhall Gleeson/Unbroken (10)
10) Josh Brolin/Inherent Vice (5)

Hot: Logan Lehrman moves into the fifth spot.

Not" Josh Brolin takes a big dive but does stay on the list...barely.


1) Gone Girl (6)
2) The Imitation Game (1)
3) The Theory of Everything (3)
4) Unbroken (1)
5) Wild (8)
6) Inherent Vice (5)
7) Into the Woods (7)
8) Still Alice (NR)
9) Sniper (4)
10) Men, Women and Children (9)

Hot: "Gone Girl" benefits hugely in this category following a great critical reception for its New York Film Festival opening.  "wild" and "Still Alice" also show strength.

Not: "Unbroken" remains as a "nominee" but dropped precipitously.  Also, "Sniper" inexplicably dropped six spots.


1) Boyhood (2)
2) Birdman (1)
3) Mr. Turner (5)
4) Interstellar (6)
5) The Grand Budapest Hotel (4)
6) Foxcatcher (3)
7) Whiplash (NR)
8) A Most Violent Year (7)
9) Fury (8)
10) Selma (9)

Hot: "Boyhood" jumps to the top spot and creates a bit of separation from "Birdman".  Also hot are "Whiplash" and, to a lesser extent, "Interstellar" and "Mr. Turner".

Not: "Foxcatcher" takes a three spot drop out of the "nominee" position it held a couple of years ago.


Alejandro Inarritu's "Birdman" is a week away from limited release here in the U.S. and Fox Searchlight continues to roll out promotional material.  This week came another clip from the film featuring Michael Keaton, Zach Galifinakis and Naomi Watts.  Check it and an accompanying story here from Rope of Silicon:


New  posters from "The Imitation Game"via The Playlist  

The Playlist posted this week an "Imitation Game" story with several new stills from the film in addition to the latest U.K. trailer (linked in my last post here on MTFB) and a couple of new posters (see above).  You can take a look at the entire story with its attendant goodies here:

More on Monday...have an exceptional weekend...

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Foreign Candidates/"Birdman" Items/Imitation" UK Trailer/As "Rudderless" Gets Closer/Latest Feinberg Forecast (with bonus "American Sniper" trailer)

Welcome to Monday...


Argentina's entry and TFF fave "Wild Tales"

The deadline has come and gone for nations to nominate films for Academy Award consideration for Best Foreign Language Film.  HitFix/InContention reports that there are 70+ entrants for the 2014 competition and they list their ten most likely nominees in order plus a list of all the films nominated by their home countries for the Oscar.  Among the top ten contenders according to them are:

"Ida" from TFF #40 as well as,  "Leviathan",  "Wild Tales", "Mommy" and "Two Days, One Night" from TFF #41.

The complete listing and story are here:


Anne Thompson/Thompson on Hollywood recently posted an interview with Antonio Sanchez, the man behind the percussive score for Alejandro Inarritu's "Birdman".  Check that out here:

For those who didn't catch "Birdman" at the fest thus year, or even those who did, Yahoo Movies posted an exclusive clip fro m the film this weekend ahead of it's presentation as the closing night film for the New York Film Festival which concludes this coming weekend.  That's here:


The British trailer for Morten Tyldum's very,very good and likely Oscar Best Picture nominee, "The Imitation Game" appeared at the end of the week.  If you follow this blog then you know that the film was the top selection among those responding to my "People's Telluride" poll of films.  Take a look at the story and the U.K. trailer form The Playlist here:


"Rudderless" is just days away from release (Oct. 17th) and The Wall Street Journal has a nice interview with the film's lead, Billy Crudup.  Here's your link to that:


The Hollywood Reporter's Scott Feinberg has updated his weekly Feinberg Forecast for this year's Oscar competition.  Looks like Scott really has been impressed with the "American Sniper" trailer as it makes a solid jump up.  Check the latest Forecast as well as that trailer below.

"American Sniper" trailer vie YouTube

The latest Feinberg Forecast:

More on Thursday...

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Film Awards Clearinghouse Vol. 2-Four Major Categories/HitFix-InContention Survey the Oscar Field/Inherent Trailer/Last Note: Trumbo

Hello on a Monday...October is just around the corner.


As the New York Film Festival roared to life over the past weekend, I took the opportunity to take another snapshot of the four biggest races in the Oscar contest for 2014.  In the wake of the conclusion of the triumvirate of September fests (Telluride, Toronto and Venice) and the first reviews coming out for the NYFF opener, David Fincher's "Gone Girl", there has been some movement in some of the categories.

As always, The FAC uses the published predictions of the following to develop its list of likely Oscar nominees:

Kristopher Tapley/InContention/HitFix
Sasha Stone/Awards Daily
Bred Brevet/Rope of Silicon
Nathaniel Rogers/Film Experience
Anne Thompson/Thompson on Hollywood
Peter Knegt/IndieWire
Clayton Davis/Awards Circuit
Scott Feinberg/The Hollywood Reporter

Telluride #41 films are Bold.
A film/person's rating in the last FAC is listed to the right in parentheses.


1) The Imitation Game (3)
2) Birdman (1)
3) Boyhood (2)
4) The Theory of Everything (6)
5) Unbroken (5)
6) Interstellar (7)
7) Foxcatcher (4)
8) Gone Girl (8)
9) Mr. Turner (9)
10) Fury (NR)
11) Selma (NR)
12) Whiplash (NR)
13) Into the Woods (NR)
14) Wild (NR)
15) The Grand Budapest Hotel (10)

Comment:  Big boost to "The Imitation Game" coming out of Telluride and then winning the audience award at Toronto.  "Theory" also got a good bump from Toronto.  "Foxcatcher" and "Grand Budapest" getting the worst of it over the last couple of weeks.

Watch out for J.C. Chandor's "A Most Violent Year" which has been announced as the opening film for the American Film Institute festival on Nov. 6th.


1) Alejandro Inarritu/Birdman (1)
2) Richard Linklater/Boyhood (2)
3) Angelina Jolie/Unbroken (5)
4) Christopher Nolan/Interstellar (4)
5) Morten Tyldum/The Imitation Game (6)
6) Bennett Miller/Foxcatcher (3)
7) David Fincher/Gone Girl (NR)
8) James Marsh/The Theory of Everything (NR)
9) David Ayer/Fury (7)
10) Mike Leigh/Mr. Turner (8)

Comment: Wes Anderson and Paul Thomas Anderson drop out.  I expect PTA will jump back into the conversation once "Inherent Vice" plays as the centerpiece for the New York Film Festival.  There's been big momentum for Jolie, Fincher and Marsh in the past two weeks and, as I expected and wrote in the first FAC for Best Director, Morten Tyldum moved up a spot to #5 and would be a nominee if these stats prove accurate.


1) Reese Witherspoon/Wild (1)
2) Felicity Jones/The Theory of Everything (4)
3) Julianne Moore/Still Alice (8)
4) Rosamund Pike/Gone Girl (3)
5) Amy Adams/Big Eyes (2)
6) Hilary Swank/The Homesman (6)
7) Jessica Chastain/A Most Violent Year (9)
8) Meryl Streep/Into the Woods (5)
9) Shailene Woodley/The Fault in Our Stars (7)
10) Jessica Chastain/The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby (10)

Comment:  Julianne Moore rockets up the chart after her Toronto performance.  I expect that she'll move to the top spot by the time I get the next FAC for Best Actress up.  Amy Adams and Meryl Streep take a dive...and I get the feeling that that may be prophetic.  Who benefits?  Chastain would be my bet.  My five would be: Moore, Witherspoon, Pike, Jones and Chastain (for "Most Violent Year").


1) Benedict Cumberbatch/The Imitation Game (2)
2) Michael Keaton/Birdman (1)
3) Eddie Redmayne/The Theory of Everything (4)
4) Steve Carell/Foxcatcher (3)
5) Timothy Spall/Mr. Turner (5)
6) David Oyelowo/Selma (6)
7) Bill Murray/St. Vincent (8)
8) Jack O'Connell/Unbroken (10)
9) Joaquin Phoenix/Inherent Vice (9)
10) Ralph Fiennes/The Grand Budapest Hotel (7)

Comment: This has been a fairly stable category the last two weeks despite bring generally regarded as one of the most competitive categories.  The top three men are so tightly packed that it's likely going to be tight right to the end.  Big boost for O'Connell (who would replace Timothy Spall in my guesses at the five nominees) and Fiennes suffers the biggest drop.


The crew at HitFix and In Contention have put together a lengthy list of Best Picture contenders and assess the chances of each of the films at winning the big prize on Feb. 22.  The TFF #41 films on their list (alphabetically):

"The Homesman"
"The Imitation Game"
"Mr. Turner"

The complete post is here:

INHERENT TRAILER's not a Telluride film but I couldn't help linking to the trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson's "Inherent Vice" that dropped earlier this week.  I'll be honest, I've been a little reluctant about embracing/anticipating this film.  I love me some PTA but I found, in reading the Thomas Pynchon novel, that the loosey goosey structure to be entertaining for awhile and then a little annoying.  Occasional comparisons to PTA's "Punch Drunk Love" didn't's his one film that I think is really just bad.

But recent reports that "Vice" is inspired/informed by Zucker-esque films such as "Airplane" and "Top Secret" have me re-intrigued.  The trailer is also...interesting.  Check it here and take a look at a number of posts/stories about the film and the trailer that I have also linked:

"Inherent Vice" trailer (via YouTube)


On Monday I posted a list of five films that might have a future at Telluride and at #3 on that list was Jay Roach's "Trumbo" which will star Bryan Cranston as the blackballed author and screenwriter.  I admitted than that I had no real Telluride connections that I could point to such as a producer, director or dustributor with a Telluride history.

Fortunately MTFB reader Patrick Pringle was on the ball and pointed out that Dalton Trumbo came from that part of Colorado.  Patrick reminded me that Trumbo was born in Montrose, CO. and raised in nearby Grand Junction.  For all practical purposes, Dalton Trumbo was a hometown boy.  

Thanks Patrick!

More on Monday...Have a great weekend.